There is something beautiful
In the delirium from lack of sleep
Falling as ice from rooftops
Melting as it breaks

Like spring from the south-east
Just before the sun is warm
Light and dust dance in still air
Starlight barely breaks city lights
Sharing this eternity
With everyone whose heart knows
Love’s truth and observation

Willing to give it up

Step back to save it’s unsullied perfection
For birds are most joyous free
Un-caged and unclaimed
So two minds can see two horizons
See the same thing beyond them
Where blue skies fade
Past super novae past super clusters
Moving faster than light
My speechless sound
Your amazing smile

How many poems and songs you gave
Over the years my best
My most passionate things
Not just tossed carelessly from a pallid mind
With ease I can say I love you
Thousands of ways for thousands of people
So they may win other love
With the feelings in my heart
But you

If poems were children
You are the father of many

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